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Paintball at Ashcombe

The Ashcombe Paintball site, Paintball nr. Exeter, covers a large area of woodland with a deep ravine and stream running through it.

All paintball games are professionally managed by experienced paintball Marshals. The paintball site incorporates bridges, a bunker, a tower and a crashed aeroplane, from which an extensive variety of paintball games are played. Floodlit night paintball games and Sunday paintballing games are available upon request.

Game Requirements

Group Sizes:

Daytime Paintball Games   10 min 40 max
Sunday Paintball Games   20 min 40 max
Floodlit Paintball Games   20 min 40 max
  • Age: Minimum of 16 years old

Paintballing Equipment Specifications


We use RPS Paintballs: We use the Euro-flite series in the summer and autumn, and Polar Ice series in the winter and spring. Our boxes contain 2,000 Paintballs, all filled with non-staining paint.

Paint Markers

We use Semi-Automatic Field Inferno markers with 10” barrels. These are run on liquid CO2. You can use as much liquid CO2 as you like during the course of your games.

Paintballing Safety Equipment

We provide all of the Personal Protective Equipment required for playing Paintball safely. We use NBC Suits as Overalls, and use Scott - Big Ass Field Vision masks for glasses wearers and Scott - Vectra masks for everyone else.

Paintball Gloves

We strongly recommend wearing gloves during paintball, as getting hit on the hand hurts! Armoured fingerless gloves, which are specifically designed for paintball games, are on sale at the Paintball Office.

Chest Protectors

For our female guests, we supply armoured chest protectors to lessen the blow of getting shot!

Colley Lane, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0QD, United Kingdom
01626 866 766
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